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Getting pictured with their dogs is a big deal among the country’s social media glitterati. When it comes to looking after their dog’s teeth however, the reaction is mixed. Tara O’Farrell, also know as Tara Make Up in social media circles, said she checks her dogs, Teddy and Ruby’s teeth regularly and gives them a dental stick every week or so. “Teddy has to get his teeth cleaned once a year because of plague build up which causes bad breath. Ruby doesn’t have the same problem but if we ever have her in the vet we ask them to check her teeth too,” she said. Beauty blogger, Pamela Laird can’t say them same about her dog, Bambi.

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We also give her two short walks in the evening.

She is a certified Pet Therapy dog and made over 50 visits to a local children's hospital before it became too stressful for her.

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Well I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how Doodle was doing.

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